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General Purpose Labels

The Label is a very important component of an AIDC solution. Starting from paper label to application specific labels, we offer the complete range of imported self adhesive labels from world’s leading label manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a low cost manufacturing process label or long life asset label or high temperature product label, we have the solution for all your labeling requirements suited to thermal transfer printers as well as its applications. The range of labels includes: a) Paper labels primarily used in Retail, Inventory and Shipping applications etc b) Polyester or Polyvinyl labels for outdoor, high temperature and harsh industrial applications c) Taffeta labels primarily used in garment industry for wash proof applications.

Speciality Labels

The speciality labels cover a wide range of applications with many technical challenges to face. Technical requirements may include high heat resistance or low temperature performances, chemical resistance, UV resistance, clarity and many others. The PSA formulation must be optimized for each application and water-borne PSA as well as solvent based products are commonly used. We get these labels tested on the printers and then suggest the right combination of printer, label and ribbon to achieve the desired results.


The very high sensitivity of the ink allows printing with low levels of energy with less stress on the printhead. Ribbon is therefore the ideal solution for applications particularly sensitive to the quality/price ratio.

Laundry Tag

Laundry Tags are robust and durable tags developed especially for Laundry & Linen management. These tags are designed to withstand conditions of pressure, heat, and chemical resistance as per requirements of the application. These tags…

Jewellery tag

Jewelry tag is Ideal for Tracking Precious Jewelries articles or Accessories. It can be used for Tracking of Jewelry in Wholesale, Retail. It is available in Different chips & Memory.